The watercolour version of  The Butterfly Hat

This week I felt creative and I wanted to do something different. I've drawn, using pencil, an image from fantasy and imagination. I decided to colour in the image using watercolour's. I have made an easy, step by step tutorial for you to try. I hope you will like. :)

Materials used:
Digital stamp The Butterfly Hat:  https://www.etsy.com/listing/269350816/
Watercolour paper "Canson"
Round synthetic brushes with a fine point.
Digital Paper Green Canvas Collection: https://www.etsy.com/listing/259264926/

Step 1
I begin to outline the shady areas. Watercolour is a very beautiful technique, but it has its problems because you can not delete the colour. Try and hit as much as possible with tones and colours to the first.

Step 2
Areas of light in the flowers I leave simply leave blank. I work on colouring flowers with bright colours and contrasts. I do graduation: light pink to intense pink, simple diluting the same colour with water. I wanted to colour a clear green hat (which reminds me of the spring), and also highlights other colours.

Step 3
I start painting the face, mixing two colours: sienna and pink, diluting with water to achieve a very clear tone. Add shadow under the hat. Remember, if you take a warm colours for light areas, you have to use cold colours in shaded area (as in my case). And the other way around, if light is cold, the shadow must be warm.

Step 4
Continue with flowers and leaves, playing with the variety of green tones (by the way, I love green). I added some light blue background, a perceptible penalties, such as air. In fact the idea of the fund was to paint some air. 
I will reveal a trick: I've used white pencil of pastel in the hair. I know, is not watercolour pencil, but occasionally we do what we want, right? :)

Step 5
And here are my finished colouring. Uff finally, many hours dedicated, butterflies were not easy to paint. But I had fun and enjoyed. And I hope to see your colouring also.

Step 6
I thought of simply decorated to highlight the drawing.  Of course, I added more butterflies, he, he. And I played with 3 green digital papers from Green Canvas Collection (https://www.etsy.com/listing/259264926/)

Thank you for stopping by! Happy colouring! Happy crafting!
Hugs, Julia x x x


  1. Julia, your colouring is just fabulous. Thank you for sharing your very informative tutorial. Hugs Anet x

  2. Thank you for reading!
    Hugs, Julia

  3. Thank you sooo much!
    Hugs, Julia xx

  4. wow Julia I just have to try this...amazing and wonderful tutorial, thank you.xx

  5. Julia, this is beautiful. Thanks for the great tutorial!

  6. Stunning work xxx

  7. Faboulas Julia..love your image and Faboulas colouring just perfect.
    And for sharing your tutorial photos with us giving everyone inspiration to have a go.
    Jules xx

  8. Thank you. I have just bought this image & also the steampunk version.

    1. Thank you so much for appreciate!
      Hugs, Julia xx

  9. Julia, es precioso todo, el digi es un amor y como lo has coloreado. Besitos

    1. Muchas gracias por tus amables palabras!
      Un abrazo, Julia